I recently spent three days in a conference room with a group of amazing people.

We were considering the attributes of leaders and really trying to determine what makes a leader great. Particularly in the eyes of those that they lead.

My cohort in the conference room had the benefit of a tool. And we were genuinely looking at the measurement on a leadership scale. I started wonder if it was really beneficial to have a tool at your disposal or was there something more intrinsic that we needed to consider. I became very interested in the question of how we could determine when in the presence of a great leader.

Of course, there are thousands of managers and leaders that run organisations and they are usually very good at developing plans and delivering on prescribed outcomes. Does the ability to deliver outcomes for a business make someone a good leader?

The answer is no. Good leadership or even great leadership really is about being able to provide inspiration, particularly around a vision. The most important part of being a great leader is being able to get the people you lead to follow you, willingly. In good and bad times. People need to be able to trust their leader and know that no matter the challenge that we will do it together.

I have read many articles and theories on leadership. The conclusion that I have come to is that there are attributes that leaders have consistently that make them great.

For me a great leader is someone I can trust. Is someone who has the courage to make the hard decisions and has the self-awareness so to say they don’t have all the answers and ask for help.

Leaders with these attributes usually inspire people and are able to transform organisations for all to benefit.

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